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Free Home Values and Tampa Home Market Report

by on April 2nd, 2014 Leave a Comment

See your homes Value Below: Free Home Values Click Here Last Week in Review Last week, economic reports were mixed. Read on for the details and what they mean for home loan rates. Table Source: Vantage Production, LLC The housing market continued to be affected by the harsh weather across much of the nation, as new home sales […]


Short Sale Vs Foreclosure Video

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Let me Ask you a Question? Can you think of someone you know that could benefit from my services and knowledge of expertise? Neighbor? Friend? Family Member? I have the resources to help save you from foreclosure & help salvage your credit. Keep in mind this is no cost to you, the bank will pay […]


2013 Investor Project – New Construction – Property Management

by on February 8th, 2014 Leave a Comment

Foreign National Investor   This home project started 10 months ago. Myself and a Canadian investor developed a relationship to see how we could help diversify his portfolio and add growth. After traveling to Florida to visit, we looked at many properties S/S and foreclosure properties we arrived at a gated New Construction development with 1000 […]

  • Community Events

    Pathfinder - The Emerald Spire
    2-2-15 7:00 pm - Mimi's Cafe
    The Tampa Bay Gaming Group: D&D, D20, Pathfinder, & More!

    Update *** Thank you everyone for your interest.  As of now we have a full group and are looking forward to Saturday. If we end up with openings or move on to larger campaigns we will update post.*** Looking for 3 or 4 adults to play through The...

    Social Game Sunday
    2-2-15 7:00 pm - Mimi's Cafe
    Brandon Boardgamers

    Folks we will be playing Werewolf, Avalon, Resistance, 2 Rooms and a Boom, and other social interaction games on Sundays at Learn2Play Brandon, starting at 2 pm until the store closes. Learn2Play is in the strip mall with Home Depot, next to...

    Rack Up Your Photo Following via Pinterest and Instagram with Lauren Davenport
    2-2-15 7:00 pm - Mimi's Cafe
    Brandon eMarketing Groups

    We offer the most cutting edge concepts to bring business into your doors. If you want to get business coming in through online sources then this is the group for you. First timers and people new to the area are always welcome! The First Monday...